Sunday, 27 June 2010

Mr Cynical - Tha Golden State Remix Project

Year 2004.
DROP 99.
Sugichefz Tape Rating: 5/5

Shoutz to Cynical on this tape..

Aiggght.. Had to drop this underground 2pac mixtape, who'z Birthday was on June 16th, making him aged 39. Listen to Pac'z 1st line on Video to see why i've included it...

Mr Cynical:

" Not only am I bringing HEAT, but I am proving a point. I dont need 2 other DJz and a studio to drop tha hottest remixez on tha planet. Tha homie Bigg Coke made a post about how he noticed Dirty Harry and DJ Vlad biting my style of remixing on some of their songz on their little Rap Phenomenon album. I dont know for sure if thatz true, ya'll can be tha judge, but basically I got this remix thing on lock, and this album proves that. Fuck that mainstream shit. Rap Phenomenon was full of artists pac would have never worked with, beats he would have never got down on, and not 2 mention GREEN LANTERN EDITED THA BAD BOY DISS OUT OF THA TRACK HOMEBOYZ, which is basically showing they have no respect for tha man, they were just trying to cash in on him. FUCK THAT. I am droppin my shit FOR FREE, with WESTCOAST ARTISTS, and WESTCOAST BEATS, shit Pac WOULD have got down on if he was still here. I dedicate this shit to DJ Vlad, Dirty Harry, and Green Lantern, this is how itz done muthafuckaz.."

Remixed trackz on this CD with Roger Troutman, Eazy E, Brotha Lynch etc...



  1. daaaaaaaaaaayum!!!
    been waitin 4 this shit!!! i luv this mixtape right here. thanx homie

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