Saturday, 14 August 2010

DJ Skribble - Traffic Jams 1997

Year 1997.
DROP 110.
Sugichefz Tape Rating: 5/5

Klassssssic DJ Skribble mixtape 4shhh0. Watch out for freestyles by Big Pun, Craig Mack, Lauryn Hill etc on this tape.

" Well, being on Hot 97 and having pretty much the number one morning show in the country, all the artists were through there, I also had my show on the radio... Politically, everybody did me the favours - we paid royalties on them, sure, but we didn't have to do it like today, where someone wants $50,000 to spit one verse or whatever. It was all favours. And getting the Fugees on there, with all three, with Lauryn, Pras and Wyclef all doing separate spots - and this was when "The Score" was out... It was a pretty crazy undertaking, and this is before computers - everything was on tape, it all had to be done live. And I wanted to do it like a real mix CD - and at the time, there were people putting out "mix CD's" and none of them were mixed! They were just compilations"




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