Saturday, 23 January 2010

DJ Doo Wop - # 4 Round Up (My Ladiez)

Year 1999.
Saturday Mixtape 2010: Week 4.
Sugichefz Tape Rating: 5/5 Star
Rip for the Ipod, individual split tracks. One of those forgotten Wop tapes.

Dropping another ill joint this Saturday. This is Pt 4 in the series which counted down backwards from 5, leading up to the release of Doo Wops own retail CD which was due out same time as DJ Tony Touch - Peacemaker. The deal fell out and never happened, so here is mix #4 in the series. Features some of the illest classics ever put down on the smooth side in this hip-hop game. Wop opens this tape with a 10 min tribute to the fallen MC's in the 90's.


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