Saturday, 2 January 2010

DJ Doo Wop - Spring Break Pt 1 (TAPE RIP) 1992

Year 1992.
Saturday Mixtape 2010: Week 1.
Sugichefz Tape Rating: 5/5 Star

Another Bounce master Classic from my archives. This tape is not the same as the Spring part 1 and Spring part 2. Also read Doo Wops reply below to see how DJ's named the tapes.

Sad news, that Tapedigga from Belgium had to shut down his Blog today. He done his part to keep the legacy of "real" mixtapes alive. R.I.P ...

Thanks to DJ Doo Wop for for taking a picture for my blog's logo.



  1. Yo Sugi,
    thanks to mention us & give some love but let's get one thing clear, we're not done with this mixtape game yet...
    We've got plenty of tapes & knowledge to share so it's not the last thing you here of us.
    Unfortantely we had to shut to do some anti-piracy laws so we couldn't take the risk.
    But the good thing is we got a brand new concept, a concept that would help the mixtape game, worldwide, move further and keep that true tape feeling that we all once experienced alive.

    Sugi big up for your work, don't wacht those haters...just keep it real, so much headz out there enjoying what you do, they maybe not saying anything, but thats just the internet, keep in mind many people folow your blog and enjoying what you do.
    Respect for that.

    That was the last of Tapedigger, but like the Terminator we'll be back...
    stronger then ever !

    Keep it real,



  2. Tapedigger....

    Thanks for message.. I'm sad ur blog closed, as it had was only one in Belgium representing these old mixtapes..You defo dropped some Gems and Classics.

    Mad propz for the work you put in..


  3. thanx for the post .. keep the fire coming my dude .

  4. Tapedigger, keep doing your thing !! Sugi, these Doo Wop's was classic in the streets of was a honor to get tapes without covers or playlists..The game changed to satisfy the listeners !!

  5. DJ Reese.. I'll drop a few more Doo Wop tapes for you.. Hard to know which ones aint been dropped before.. But ill try not to duplicate.

    Tapemasta.. I totally agree with you.

    Tapemasta keep doing your thing for 2010... Not many blogs or websites left to represent the old mixtape legacy.



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