Monday, 18 January 2010

DJ Whoo Kid - Grand Theft Auto

Year 2001.
DROP 17.
Sugichefz Tape Rating: 4/5

The Young One 'K Roll' has been requesting I put this tape back up for a while. Also I know what your going to say about the covers, but it's to stop people from stealing covers and links. I'll drop more of my old rips I took off my Blog for the new people on the scene.



  1. bruh can you email the untagged version for that coverflow on my ipod will really appreciate tho

    1. Yo bro, Ive been looking for this mixtape for years and can not find it anywhere on the web. I keep finding entries saying its available on, but that website has since been shutdown... So i came across this site and noticed you have it since your asking for the cover art for it (im assuming???) So if u could please email me a copy id be super appreciative bro... My email is Just hit me up thru my email and let me know if u can hook me up man, thanks alot bro. Peace

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